Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a Small World

I was supposed to go to Ephrata to L&L Rubber Stamps last week but my SIL couldn't get off work to go along with me so I just waited and went myself today. I was talking to another customer there and she said I looked familiar and wondered if I was on Stamp TV, I said yes!! She asked if I was Janice and again I said Yes! The funny thing is a couple of weeks ago on Stamp TV I was telling her, ma54k aka Mary Anne about L&L and gave her the address. What are the chances that we'd both show up there at the same time??!!! She is jumping on the Copic bandwagon and her DH was getting them for her for Christmas. I helped her pick out some of the basic must have colors, IMO. Can't wait to see the cards she makes with them! I've since heard that since her Birthday is on Thursday(Thanksgiving day) her DH said Happy Birthday and let her have them now!! How sweet is that?? Have fun Mary and Happy Birthday!!


JenMarie said...

Oh how FUN!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Thanks for the fun day and the Birthday wishes, Janice! Hubby is a true keeper! Oh and btw, if you would go to Allentown in the spring, maybe the dh's can hang out because mine will drive me also. Turkey is in the oven so it is time to go play.

Janice M said...
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